Window envelopes are perfect for mailing invoices and checks, but for some things you may want to print a standard envelope.  You can easily modify a form in Sage 50 for printing envelopes instead of copying or retyping addresses in Word. (I hope you’re not still using a typewriter for those tasks.)  You can set up envelopes for customers, vendors, or employees.  In this example I’ll use customers.

To set up a custom form for customer envelopes, go to the Reports & Forms menu, select Forms, then Customer Labels and Letters. This is also where you would find Employees Labels and Letters and Vendor Labels and Letters.  From the list of forms, choose Customer Labels Continuous and click the Customize button.

In the form design window, click the Print button, and choose Setup from the drop down choices.  At Paper Size, select the envelope size you want to print.  If your printer has multiple paper trays, you can also choose a source.  At Orientation, choose Landscape.  Click the OK button to return to the design window.  Now just click on <Customer Name and Address> and drag it to where you want the address to print.  With the address box selected, you can change the font or font size from the formatting toolbar at the top of the window.  When you are finished, click the Save button, type a name for your new envelope format, and click Save.  Now your envelope will be available in the list of Customer Labels and Letters. Using the filters available when printing, you can print an envelope for one customer, a range of customers, or select any group by clicking Refresh List and making manual selections.

Here are some variations on the basic envelope format we just created:

Adding a return address

When you are in the design window, you can add your return address by clicking the Add button.  From the menu that appears you can choose Text if you want to add a text box you can type into, or choose Data From Sage 50 if you want to add a data field that takes information from the Maintain – Company Information window.  Either way, another window will appear asking if you want to Add Text Field or Add Data From Sage 50 (I guess they thought you weren’t sure the first time).  Select the appropriate choice and click OK.

If you chose to add a text field, a blank text box will be added that you can type into.  You can resize the box by dragging one of the handles around the edge of the box.  Once you click outside of the box, you can drag it to the right location.  If you want your company name formatted differently than the address, use separate text boxes.

If you choose Add Data From Sage 50, the Add Field window will appear. Select Company Fields at Field Type and choose Company Name and Address from the list of field names.  Click OK to insert the field and then drag it to the correct location.  Again, you could add separate fields for company name and company address if you want them formatted differently.

If you have a logo with your company name and address you could choose Logo Or Image after you click the Add button.  An “Open File” window will appear.  Just browse to the correct location and open your logo file to insert onto the envelope.  You can drag it to position it and use the handles around the frame to resize it.

Using the ship-to address

You can use the default ship-to address instead of the bill-to address.  First right-click on Customer Name and Address and choose Delete.  Then click the Add button, choose Data From Sage 50 (and again in the next window), change Field Type to Customer Contact Fields and select Default Cust Ship To Name & Addr.  Click OK to insert the field then drag it to the right position.

Employee Envelopes
Unlike customers and vendors, there is not option for continuous labels in the Employee Labels and Letters. Instead you will have to use Employee Labels 1×10 and delete the extra fields.