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Steve Collins
IQ Accounting Solutions

Procedure Entry Point Error In Tax Forms

Recently I’ve had several calls from people getting an error when trying to open the payroll tax forms. The exact error may vary, but it will be similar to The procedure entry point…could not be found in the dynamic link library…\Formviewer\Aatrixforms.exe. The problem can usually be fixed easily by reinstalling the Aatrix form viewer. Just […]

1099 Printing Changes in Sage 50 2023

Version 2020 added 1099 integration with Aatrix (the program used to generate payroll tax forms) while also still supporting printing of 1099s using the traditional editable forms built into Sage 50. But the Aatrix option was only available to payroll subscribers. Starting in version 2023, the legacy 1099 method has been dropped in favor of […]

Sage 50 version 2023 New Features

Version 2023 of Sage 50 has released. The first thing to know is, if either of these situation apply to you, you need to wait before upgrading. If you have custom reports written using Sage Intelligence Reporting, do not upgrade yet. Sage Intelligence Reporting is not included with, and does not work with Sage 50 […]

Memorized Transactions

Previously I’ve talked about setting up recurring transactions to automate transactions that occur on a regular schedule and with the same amounts each time. But many other transactions happen repeatedly but not a fixed schedule or maybe the amounts can vary each time. In that case, memorized transactions are the preferred solution. Memorized transactions are […]

Customer Ship-To Addresses in Sage 50/Peachtree

Setting up multiple ship-to addresses for customers in Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree) is simple once you understand how to ship-to addresses relate to contacts.

Adding Space Between Columns in Excel

Have you ever wished you had more space between columns on a spreadsheet, or between the cell contents and the cell border? Some people resort to inserting narrow empty columns between columns of data. But that interferes with the use of timesavers like keyboard navigation shortcuts or Fill Right, and doesn’t help if you’re using […]

Creating a 12 Period Balance Sheet

Sage 50 comes standard with an income statement that has 12 monthly columns. But recently I had a request for a 12 month balance sheet. When building this report I realized what a great example it is of how Sage 50’s financial statement designer is powerful, flexible, and easy to use. At first this report […]

Using IFERROR in Excel to Hide Error Messages and Prevent Errors in Dependent Formulas

You have probably all seen Excel formulas that result in an error such as #DIV/0!, #N/A, #NAME?, #NULL!, #NUM!, #REF!, or #VALUE!. Usually they indicate that you need to correct something in your formula or the data it references. But sometimes the condition that produces the error is unavoidable. In those cases not only does […]

Sage 50 2022 New Features

Version 2022 of Sage 50/Sage 50cloud releases July 21, 2021. It should show up in your updates soon as they gradually roll it out to users. The list of improvements is short, but they will be significant to some users. State Paid Family and Medical Leave enhancementsNew payroll functionality has been added to accommodate the […]

Creating a 12 Period Income Statement in Sage 50 for Prior Years

One of Sage 50’s built in financial statement formats, “<Standard> Income – 12 Period”, gives you an income statement for the current fiscal year split out into monthly columns. People are often surprised to find that it doesn’t let you choose a date range so you can’t use it to report on prior years. But […]