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Sage 50 Customer Sales History report and Items Sold To Customers

As we approach year end, are you looking for an easy way to get a summary of sales by customer? You have two great choices with the Customer Sales History or the Items Sold To Customers reports. To get to either report, go to to the Reports & Forms menu and choose Accounts Receivable. To […]

Sage 50 2024 New Features

In my last newsletter I told you that Sage 50 2024 had released and that it now offered integration with Sage HR. I didn’t go into any details because Sage was a little late on getting those details to me. But here’s my summary of what’s new. In version 2024, Sage 50 payroll users will […]

Sage 50 2024 New Release

Sage 50 Accounting US Edition 2024 was released on October 16th 2023. As in previous years, Sage 50 will automatically download the update for anyone with a current subscription or business care plan. Once it has been downloaded you will be prompted to install it when exiting Sage 50. Like always, it’s up to you […]

Hide Inactive Customers, Vendors and Inventory Items Based on Last Activity Date

Over the years, customers, vendors, and inventory items come and go. That means lists get cluttered up with obsolete records. While you can’t delete those customers, vendors, or inventory items as long as you still have transactions linked to them, there is an easy way to hide them so they don’t show in the drop […]

Sage 50 2020.1 & Older Will No Longer Activate after 9/30/2023 – What are your options?

If you’re using Sage 50 2021, 2022, or 2023, this does not apply to you. Anyone on an older version needs to read this. I take seriously my responsibility to provide you with accurate information so you can make good decisions for your business. I’ve been researching this problem for quite a while now and […]

Procedure Entry Point Error In Tax Forms

Recently I’ve had several calls from people getting an error when trying to open the payroll tax forms. The exact error may vary, but it will be similar to The procedure entry point…could not be found in the dynamic link library…\Formviewer\Aatrixforms.exe. The problem can usually be fixed easily by reinstalling the Aatrix form viewer. Just […]

1099 Printing Changes in Sage 50 2023

Version 2020 added 1099 integration with Aatrix (the program used to generate payroll tax forms) while also still supporting printing of 1099s using the traditional editable forms built into Sage 50. But the Aatrix option was only available to payroll subscribers. Starting in version 2023, the legacy 1099 method has been dropped in favor of […]

Memorized Transactions

Previously I’ve talked about setting up recurring transactions to automate transactions that occur on a regular schedule and with the same amounts each time. But many other transactions happen repeatedly but not a fixed schedule or maybe the amounts can vary each time. In that case, memorized transactions are the preferred solution. Memorized transactions are […]

Customer Ship-To Addresses in Sage 50/Peachtree

Setting up multiple ship-to addresses for customers in Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree) is simple once you understand how to ship-to addresses relate to contacts.

Creating a 12 Period Balance Sheet

Sage 50 comes standard with an income statement that has 12 monthly columns. But recently I had a request for a 12 month balance sheet. When building this report I realized what a great example it is of how Sage 50’s financial statement designer is powerful, flexible, and easy to use. At first this report […]