I get a lot of questions about customer ship-to addresses. They are actually very simple to set up and use. The problem is that ever since Sage “improved” the customer contacts section of Maintain Customers in version 2010, it isn’t obvious how to set up the addresses properly. The key is that every ship-to address must be associated with a contact before it can be used on an invoice, sales order, quote, proposal or credit memo.

Go to the Maintain menu and choose Customers/Prospects. Select a customer at the Customer ID field. Then click on the Contacts tab. Since every address needs a contact, start by clicking the New Contact button at the bottom of the window. If you there’s not a person you want as a contact for this address, just enter something like Ship To 1 as the contact’s first name. Enter the company’s name in the Company Name field if you want it to print along with the ship-to address on invoices and other forms. Also make sure that Use Company Name/Contact Name in the ship-to address is set correctly. (Hint: if you entered “Ship To 1” as the contact name, you want to select Company Name here.) If you want this address to be entered automatically on new sales forms, check the box next to This is the default ship-to contact for this customer. The remaining fields are optional.

If the ship-to address has already been set up, but you haven’t been able to use it, select it now from the Address drop down box. Otherwise, click the Edit Addresses button. Enter the address on the first available line. If you track sales tax, be sure to enter the appropriate sales tax ID for this address. Click OK to save your entry. Now, back at the Contacts tab, click the Save Contact button.

On any sales form, (quote, proposal, sales order, invoice, or credit memo) the new address will now be available in the Ship To drop down list. If you set it as the default ship-to for that customer, it will automatically be entered at Ship To.