Use EXACT() to Compare Cells in Excel

Have you ever been frustrated staring at two lists trying to find the differences between them? Well if you have those lists in Excel it’s a simple job. If both lists are numbers you don’t even need to know any special functions, just subtract the number in one column from the number in the other […]

Add Numbers in Excel When They Meet Multiple Conditions using SUMIFS().

Have you ever wanted to add up only certain numbers within a list? Maybe it was sales over a certain dollar amount. Or you you have a list of payments and you want to know the total of all payments with a payment type of “Check”. If you only have one criteria for selecting the […]

Sage Drive is Finally Multi-User!

Sage Drive is a Sage 50c feature that allows you to share your Sage 50 company data with users outside your office. When the feature was first introduced, sharing your data meant that only one user could access that company, no matter how many user licenses you had. Later they improved things a little by […]

Dealing With Uncleared Checks From Prior Years in Sage 50

This month’s tip is a request from a reader. Ginny wanted me to address “How to write off uncashed checks from prior years and how to handle re-issuing an uncashed check from prior years.” Even though the same principals apply in all three cases, the exact steps will vary depending on whether the check paid […]

Excel Watch Windows

A watch window lets you monitor cells from different parts of a spreadsheet all in one spot.

Recording an NSF Check From a Customer in Sage 50

Hopefully this is a tip you won’t need very often but when a customer does bounce a check, at least there’s any easy way to account for it in Sage 50. It’s basically just two steps: First invoice the customer for the NSF check charge. Second, record a negative cash receipt in the amount of […]

Printing Selected Rows Or Columns On Every Page of an Excel Worksheet

Last month I talked about how you can freeze rows or columns in an Excel workbook so that your headings stay visible on screen.  This month I’ll show you how you can choose rows or columns to appear on every page when you print. This lets you print a report heading and/or column/row headings on […]

Sage 50 Won’t Open After July 2018 Windows 10 Update

A few months ago Microsoft released an update to Windows 10 that caused Sage 50 to crash. But you could work around it by setting Sage 50 to run in compatibility mode. Now Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 update that is causing Sage 50 to fail to open when it is set to […]

Keep Row and Column Headings Visible in Excel With Freeze Panes

Freeze Panes lets you keep row and columns headings visible as you scroll through a large spreadsheet.

What’s New in Sage 50 US 2019

I just received my copy of the new release of Sage 50 and have been looking it over. So whether you call it Sage 50 US Edition, Sage 50c, or Sage 50cloud, Here is my summary of what’s new in Sage 50 2019. Expanded Sales Order Drop-down Menu in Sales/Invoicing Window – When choosing a […]