If you find yourself spending too much time stuffing invoices and statements in to envelopes or standing at the fax machine sending reports, then you should take advantage of Peachtree’s email capabilities.

All reports and any forms except checks and deposit tickets can be sent as an email attachment directly from Peachtree.  There are two ways you can go about sending email from Peachtree. 

1. The first method is very simple and fairly obvious.  If you have something on your screen that you want to email to someone just click the Email button at the top of the window.  The exact placement of the button will vary depending on what version of Peachtree you are using and what screen you are in.  But it is usually near the Print button.  In some cases you will see a “Send To” button.  Clicking on it will give you several choices, including email.  For things like invoices, statements, or purchase orders, Peachtree will use the email address that you have entered in customer/vendor maintenance.

2. If you want to produce a batch of invoices or customer statements and want some to be emailed and the rest printed, you can do that too.  In Customer Maintenance, go to the Sales Info tab for each customer and make sure you have set their Batch Deliver Method to Paper or Email. For those that are email, enter their email address on the General tab.  Now you can print your batch the same way you always have, but Peachtree will know which ones to send to your printer and which ones to attach to emails.

With either method, Peachtree will convert the invoice, report, or whatever you are sending, to a PDF and attach it to an email.  Depending on which email program you are using, the email may be placed in your outbox, waiting to be sent, or it might remain open on your screen so that you can edit the email message.  Either way, it won’t actually be sent until you tell your email program to send. 

Your email program does need to be MAPI compliant.  The major desktop email programs (Outlook, Outlook Express, and Thunderbird) are MAPI complaint.  But most email programs that work through your browser, often referred to as web mail, are not.  If you are using web mail, you will probably need to set up one of the email programs mentioned above.