Emailing invoices out of Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree) is a huge time saver. But Sage 50 only lets you email one invoice at a time and sometimes you need to send multiple invoices to a customer. You could send each one in a separate email. Or you can send each invoice to an email but save the PDF attachment and cancel the email without sending it. Then attach all of the PDFs to one email. But here is another more convenient work-around.

This work-around involves using PDF reDirect, a PDF creation tool that comes in both free and paid versions. You can download a copy from their website at Once you download and install it, PDF reDirect will be set up as a printer in Windows. Anything you send to this printer will be converted to a PDF.

Here is how you can use it to send multiple invoices. Open the first invoice in Sage 50 and click the Print button. In the print dialogue box, change the printer to PDF reDirect. Click Print. PDF reDirect will appear in a new window. In the Folders section choose where you want to save your file. The default location is your desktop, which is fine unless you intend to keep this file. In the bottom section, enter a file name and click Save. Leave this window open, go back to Sage 50, and print each invoice in the same manner. After each one click the Save button in PDF reDirect but don’t close it. Notice that each time you send another invoice the print job is added to the merge list. After you have saved the last invoice in PDF reDirect you have a few options.


Click on the preview to open the PDF and review it before sending. Assuming you are using Acrobat Reader to view the PDF, go to the File menu and choose Attach to Email. Then click the Attach button from the toolbar on the right side of the Acrobat window to start a new email with the file attached. Once you have sent the email you can close PDF reDirect and delete the file from your desktop.


After you have saved the last invoice, exit PDF reDirect. Find the file on your desktop (or where ever you saved it), right click on it and choose Send To > Mail Recipient. Windows will start a new email with the file attached. After you have sent the email you can delete the PDF.


The Pro (paid) version of PDF reDirect has the ability to email a file.It can attach it to an email in Outlook or other MAPI compliant email program, or you can give it your email account settings and it can send directly through your SMTP server.