There are several similar features in Sage 50 that allow you to turn one transaction into multiple transactions: recurring transactions, memorized transactions, the copy button on transaction screens, and the subject of today’s tip – originally called Broadcast Invoices but later renamed rather unimaginatively but accurately as Send To Multiple Customers. Unlike the others, Send To Multiple Customers is only available for sales invoices. And it has one very specific, but powerful purpose. It allows you to send identical invoices, such as dues or maintenance agreements, to multiple customers while only entering it once.

It’s actually surprisingly easy to enter one invoice and send it to multiple customers. Open the Sales/Invoicing window and enter the invoice exactly the way you want it to appear. You can leave the Customer ID and Invoice No fields blank. Next, click the down-arrow next to the Copy button and choose Send to multiple customers. A screen will then appear letting you set a filter to begin selecting the group of customers that the invoice will be sent to. You can filter on:

• Customer ID
• Customer Name
• Active/Inactive
• Customers/Prospects
• Zip Code
• Type
• Delivery Method (print or email)
• Sales Rep
• Custom Fields 1 – 5

Having this many fields by which to filter your customers, especially customer type, sales rep, and up to 5 custom fields, should allow you to easily define customer groups.

After setting your selection criteria, click the OK button. A new window will appear listing all of the customers that match your criteria. You can uncheck customers in the list to remove them from the selection if needed. Customers on credit hold will appear in the list but are automatically deselected. When you are satisfied with your selection, click the Create button. When Sage 50 is done creating the invoices you will have 3 choices: View Summary which displays an invoice register listing the invoices you just created; Print Invoices lets you print/email the invoices as a batch; or Close. If you close without printing, the invoices are still saved so you can print/email them later the same way you print other invoices. That would also give you the opportunity to edit individual invoices before printing/emailing them if you wanted to.

Send To Multiple Customers (AKA Broadcast Invoices) is only available in Sage 50 Premium and Quantum.