Just because you enter transactions one at a time,doesn’t mean you have to print them one at a time. You have a choice between printing them individually from the related transaction entry window or printing them as a batch.

The key to printing forms in a batch is to leave the transaction number (invoice number, check number, etc) blank when you enter and save each transaction. Sage 50 thinks of entries without a transaction number as unprinted transactions. Their logic is that the check or invoice numbers, etc will be assigned when you print them. This makes sense if you think about checks that are printed on pre-numbered forms.

When you are ready to print the transactions you have entered, go to the Reports & Forms menu. Choose Forms. From the forms submenu select the type of form that you want to print. Quotes, proposals, sales orders, invoices, purchase orders, and checks (including payroll checks) can all be printed this way. For this example, I’ll use invoices, but the procedure is the same for other transaction types.

When the Forms window opens, select the specific invoice format you want to use, then click the Preview And Print button.

In the Preview and Print window Sage 50 will suggest a starting invoice number. If it’s not correct you can change it. You can also apply filters if you don’t want to print all of the unprinted (that is un-numbered) invoices. The filters vary a little depending on what type of transaction you are printing. All provide a “through” date and a customer/vendor/employee ID range.

Invoices and other sales related forms also let you filter by customer type and by delivery method. Delivery Method options are PrintE-mail, or “Print and e-mail”. This option refers to the Batch Delivery Method option on the Sales Info tab of the Maintain Customers window. If you choose to print both, Sage 50 will print or email each invoice based on the customer’s setting. For sales invoices and credit memos only, you also have the option of printing previously printed (that is numbered) transactions. In that case the Number The First Invoice field is replaced with fields for starting and ending invoice numbers.

Checks, either accounts payable or payroll, allow you to filter by cash account.

For all form types, clicking the Refresh List button shows you what transaction meet your filter criteria and are selected for printing. You can uncheck individual transactions if you don’t want to print them, or you can change your filters and refresh the list again. Once you have selected the invoices you want to print, click the Print/Email button or use the Print Preview button if you would rather view them onscreen first. If you preview the forms, be sure to print them from the preview window. If you close the preview without printing the forms, you will lose your selection and have to start over.