A common question from Sage 50 users is how to reprint a form, such as an invoice, sales order, or picking list from a closed year or, if you have restricted user’s access to previous periods, how to you reprint one from a closed month?

Most people print forms, such as invoices from the same screen that they enter them, but because the Print button also saves the transaction that won’t work if it’s in a closed year (even when you haven’t made any changes). You run into the same problem when you set a user’s rights to not allow access to closed months. It is possible to reprint these transactions, you just have to take a different approach.

Start by going to the Reports & Forms menu, choose Forms, then the type of form you want to print. The Select a Report or Form window will open and you can choose the format you want to use. Remember that custom forms will appear at the top of the list with a blue wrench on the icon. Select your form, then click the Preview and Print button.

The options on the print window will vary depending on which type of form you’re printing. For example, when printing invoice you can choose “Unprinted Invoices” (which actually means invoices that have not been assigned an invoice number) or “Printed invoices” (invoices that have an invoice number) but you won’t see that choice on every form. Set the filters as needed to select the form or forms you want to print. Click the Refresh List button to see which items will actually be selected. You can uncheck items you don’t want to print or change your filter criteria and refresh the list again. For most forms, before printing you need to go to the E-mail Options tab and choose from the following list of actions:

  • Send an e-mail only, do not print a paper duplicate
  • Send an e-mail invoice and print a paper duplicate
  • Print a paper invoice and send an e-mail duplicate
  • Print only a paper copy.

These choices can override the settings on the Sales/Purchase Info tab of the Maintain Customers/Vendors window. So if you have a someone’s preference set to “E-mail” but you want to print this transaction, you need to set this option to “Print only a paper copy” otherwise you’ll end up with a PDF attached to an email when you try to print.

Finally, click the Print/E-Mail button or the Print Preview button to proceed.

If there is a particular type of form that you frequently print from a closed month or year you can set up a shortcut to make it quicker to access. For example, if you have people’s rights set to not allow changes to prior months, but you use the Sales Order Picking Ticket as part of your normal procedure, you’ll routinely need to print sales orders from a closed month. To set up the shortcut, at the main Sage 50 window, click the Customize link next to Shortcuts along the left side of the window. Click the Add a Shortcut button, Go to Forms, then select the form you want to use. You can use the Move Up or Move Down buttons to position your shortcut on the list or use the Rename button to change its description. Click OK when you’re done. Now you’ll be able to choose that form directly from the shortcuts.