The new Copy Transactions feature in Peachtree 2012 can help you save time and reduce data entry errors. You can now copy:

• Quotes
• Sales Orders
• Proposals
• Sales Invoices
• Purchase Orders
• Purchase Invoices
• General Journal Entries

Some situations where this could be useful would be if a customer calls and says they want to order the same thing they got last time, or if you routinely order the same thing from your supplier. Another case might be if you are offering a special price if people buy 2 or more items together. You could then copy a sales order or invoice everytime that package is sold so you don’t have to enter each item and the special pricing by hand.

Whatever your reason for copying a transaction you have two ways you can go about it. If you already have a transaction open that you want to copy you can click the Copy button at the top of the window. A new transaction is immediately created. You can use it just like it is, or edit any part of it before printing or saving. If you don’t have a transaction open yet, then find the one you want to copy in the List window for that transaction type, click on it to select it, and then click the Copy button at the top of the window (or press Ctrl+Y). Peachtree will put you into the transaction entry window with your newly copied transaction displayed. Again, you can edit any part of the transaction before saving it or printing it.