Many times when you are looking at a transaction in Sage 50, you need a quick way to locate related transactions. Maybe you need to see the payment related to an invoice. Or you might want to know which sales order number a quote was converted into. In most cases the information you need is just a click away thanks to the View Transactions link.

In most transaction screens in Sage 50 you will find a View Transactions link near the right side of the transaction window, below the date, invoice number, etc fields. If there are no related transactions, the link won’t show. But any you time see it, you can click it for a list of the activity related to the current transactions. If you double click an entry in the list, that transaction will open.

This is definitely the fastest way to find the payment related to an invoice, the invoice related to a sales order (or vice versa), the AP invoice linked to a purchase order, or any other related transactions. In addition to all of the obvious related transactions such as quote – order -invoice – payment – credit memo, if you are utilizing the option to auto-generate purchase orders for your sales orders, you can even find the related PO and SO transactions.