If your pricing structure includes discounts to customers based on the quantity they purchase, you should be using the quantity discount feature that is available in Sage 50 Quantum. You can set up set up as many discounts as you need, whether that is one discount that applies to your entire product line, or a different discount for each item. However keep in mind that you can only apply one quantity discount schedule to each inventory item. So you cannot use different quantity discounts for different price levels of the same item, or for different customers.

Setting up quantity discounts is simple.  To get started, go to the Maintain menu and choose Quantity Discounts.

  • Enter an ID and a description for this discount. Neither of these will show on your invoices so they can be anything that is meaningful to you.
  • At Calculation Method choose between a discount percentage or a discount amount.
  • Rounding Method lets you choose whether or not the final amount of the discount will get rounded. You can choose between no rounding, rounding up to the next whole dollar, or rounding to a specific cent.
  • The Quantities and Discounts section is where you set up your price breaks. On the first line, enter the minimum quantity required to receive a discount and the discount percent (or amount, depending on the calculation method you chose). When entering percentage discounts, 1% should be entered as 1.0, not 0.01.  You can enter up to 5 quantity levels with their discounts.
  • The Price Levels section lets you select which price levels will use the discount schedule.

After you have set up your discount, you can apply it to an item. Go to the Maintain menu and choose Inventory Items.  Below the price field is the Qty Discount field. Click on the magnifying glass button to choose the discount from a list of all the discounts that have been set up. Now when you sell this item, the quantity discount rules that you set up will automatically be applied.