When you copy and paste cells on a spreadsheet, do you get tired of having to resize the columns where you pasted the cells?  There are two good ways to copy the column widths along with your data.

Copying entire columns is the fastest and easiest way to copy contents and formatting at the same time. Click on a column heading to select a column, or click and drag to select multiple columns, then right-click on the selected column(s) and choose Copy. Next, right-click on the column heading where you want to place the copied cells and choose Paste to replace what’s in the destination column or choose Insert Copied Cells to move the selected column to the right and insert the column(s) you just copied. Everything in the selected columns and all formatting, including columns widths will be copied to the new location.

If you don’t want to copy entire columns, select just the cells you want to copy, right-click on your selection and choose Copy. Then right-click where you want to to paste the copied cells, go to the Paste Special submenu and click the Keep Source Column Widths button  or press W on your keyboard. The cells will be copied just like they normally would, but the column widths will be changed to match the columns the cells were copied from