Occasionally when you open a task such as Sales/Invoicing or Payments in Sage 50/Peachtree, it will appear on the task bar but no window opens for it.  Technically a window has opened, but it is positioned completely off screen, so you can’t see it.  Sage has a knowledgebase entry that explains how to delete the registry entry that keeps track of the size and position of each Sage 50 window so they will revert back to their defaults.  But in most cases a couple of standard Windows keyboard shortcuts can make the window visible again.

Launch the task like you normally would.  As soon as it appears on the Windows task bar type Alt+Space Bar (hold down the Alt key and tap the space bar once).  Then type M or select Move from the menu that appears.  Now press any of the arrow keys on your keyboard, that will start moving the window.  Now you can reposition the window just by moving your mouse.  Since there’s no way to know where the missing window was located, just move your mouse until the window appears, then click to drop the window where you want it.

Sometimes at this point the window will be sized so that all you can see is the title bar.  But if you let your mouse pointer hover over the window’s border until you get a double arrow, you can drag the edge to stretch it back out to normal size.