When you make a backup in Sage 50/Peachtree, it is automatically saved in the same folder that your company’s data is stored in.  You can choose a different drive or folder, but Sage 50 won’t remember that location next time.  An easy way to get your backups saved into the folder of your choice is to place a shortcut to that folder in your company’s Sage 50 data folder.  Then backups can be saved to your designated location with just one extra double click.

First, you’ll need to find out where your company’s folder is located.  From the main Sage 50/Peachtree window, choose Company Information from the Maintain menu.  The Directory field shows the location of your data.  Open My Computer or Windows Explorer and navigate to that location.  The easiest way is to copy the contents of the Destination field and paste it into the address bar in My Computer/Windows Explorer.

Next open another My Computer window.  Find the folder you want to save your backups in, right click on it and choose Copy.

Go back to the window showing your Sage50/Peachtree data, right click in a blank space and choose Paste Shortcut.  Do not choose Paste or, instead of a shortcut to that folder, you will get a copy of the other folder and its contents.

To make a Sage 50 backup, go to File – Backup like usual.  When you get to the Save Backup window, the shortcut should appear right after the folders. (If it’s not there, click the Name column heading to re-sort the list.)  Double click the shortcut to jump to your backup folder and click Save.  The ptb file will be saved to your backup folder instead of your data folder.