Recently I came across this question from a Sage 50 user:

I’d like to add a full year budget column to the standard Income/Budget Statement so my board can keep their eyes on the end-of-year goal.  Can you tell me how to add that column using the design tool within Reports & Forms?

When I first looked into this report it appeared that it couldn’t be done. Sage 50’s financial statement designer doesn’t give you a way to set a column’s time frame to the full year. But then I remembered that in Sage 50 Premium and Sage 50 Quantum you can create multiple budgets and compare 2 different budgets on the same report. That provided a simple solution to the problem. We just needed to create a second budget with the full annual budget amount in every month.

Here’s how you can create this report:

First, create the new budget. The easiest way to do this is to open your regular budget in Maintain Budgets, click on the “Total” column heading to select that column. Now right click on Total and choose copy. Next click the New button on the toolbar to create your new budget. Click on the first month column heading and drag to select all the months. Then right click and choose Paste. That will paste the yearly amount into every month. Save the new budget.

Now go to the Reports & Forms menu, choose Financial Statements, select the <Standard> Income/Budget report and click the Design button. In the designer, double click the Column Desc button (or right click it and choose Properties). To add the new column, go to the first available line in the table (should be 8 for this report), check the Print box and set the Contents to Activity. Enter Annual Budget, or whatever you want for the column title. In the upper right section, change Align Title to Right of Column so it will match the other columns. In the lower right section, set Qualifier to Budget2 and the Time Frame to Current. Click OK to close the column description window.

Back in the design window, click the Options button. There will now be a Budget2 field that wasn’t there before. Set that to the new budget you created. Click OK to close the options, Click Save and give the report a new name.