One of Sage 50’s built in financial statement formats, “<Standard> Income – 12 Period”, gives you an income statement for the current fiscal year split out into monthly columns. People are often surprised to find that it doesn’t let you choose a date range so you can’t use it to report on prior years. But one simple change can unlock that ability. Simply view that report on screen, then click the Save button, give it a new name and click Save.

Now, when viewing the report, you can click the Options button and select a time frame. For this report to work correctly you have to select just the last month of the 12 month reporting period as your time frame. So if are on a calendar year your time frame would be FROM 12/01/20xx TO 12/31/20xx.

The report works by defining the time period for the 12th column and each preceding column counts back one period (month) from the defined time frame. So if you select FROM 01/0/2018 TO 12/31/2018 then the last column will be equal to the entire year and column 11 would be December 2017, 10th column would be November 2017, etc. That is why the standard report simply defaults the date to the last month of the current year.