I’ve talked before about using the Freeze Panes feature to keep rows in place at the top of an Excel worksheet (or column in place at the left side) so you can still see your headings as you scroll through a worksheet. And I’ve also covered how Rows To Repeat At Top brings that same idea to printing. Now let’s look at another similar feature. Split lets you divide an Excel worksheet into two or four windows that can scroll semi-independently so you can see different parts of the worksheet at the same time.

The Split button is found on the View tab of the ribbon.

To split your screen vertically, select a cell in the top row and click the Split button. A divider will appear which you can drag left or right to adjust the size of the two panes. Scroll from side to side in one pane and the other won’t move. Scroll vertically in either pane and the other will scroll with it.

To split your screen horizontally, select a cell in the first column and click the Split button. Again, the divider can be dragged to adjust the size of the window panes. Now, vertical scrolling is independent and horizontal scrolling is synchronized.

If your cursor is anywhere other than the first column or first row when you click the Split button your screen will be split both ways. You can drag either of the dividers to adjust the size of the 4 panes, or click at the intersection of the two lines to adjust both at once.

To remove the split, either click the Split button again or drag the divider all the way to the edge of the window.