The ability to have multiple tabs, or worksheets, in one workbook is one of the best things that ever happened to Excel.  But when you go to print, Excel normally prints the currently selected worksheet.  If you look at the options in the print dialogue, you’ll see that you can print the entire workbook if you want.  But how can you print more than one worksheet without printing the entire workbook?

Then answer comes back to a common windows shortcut.  Using the shift key while selecting objects with your mouse usually selects a range of objects.  While combing the mouse with the ctrl key allows you to select (or de-select) multiple random objects.  When printing from Excel, you can put that to work for you by clicking on the tab for the first worksheet you want to print, then hold down the shift key and click on the last tab that you want to print.  You will see that both tabs you clicked on, along with all the tabs in between, will be selected.  You can then use Ctrl while clicking on tabs to add or remove tabs from that selection.  Of course you can use Ctrl without using Shift first.  Once you have your tabs selected, print like you normally would, but make sure that in the print dialogue you select the option to Print Active Sheets.