If you want to change prices for all or part of your items or services in Sage 50 (Peachtree), it’s easier than you might expect. Obviously you could go to Maintain Inventory Items and change the price each item individually, and that’s fine for making a few changes. But there’s a better way to make mass price changes.

In the Maintain menu, right below Inventory Items you’ll find a choice for Item Prices. When you choose it a selection filter window will pop up. If you want to change prices on everything, just click OK. Otherwise you can set filters for:

  • Item Class
  • Item ID
  • Item Type
  • Preferred Vendor
  • Location
  • Item Tax Type
  • Active/Inactive
  • G/L Sales Account
  • Item Cost

You can filter on as many of those fields as you want to narrow down your selection. Click OK and you’ll get a list of items and prices matching your criteria. You can refine your selection further by deselecting individual items using the check box in the last column.

In the upper left section of the window you can choose which price levels will be recalculated. By default, all are selected. To the right of that you can choose from 3 calculation methods.

  • Level’s current calculation, and new cost information recalculates prices based on formulas you have previously set up for each item in Maintain Inventory Items.
  • Level’s default calculation recalculates prices based on the default formulas for each price level set in Maintain > Default Information > Inventory Items > Price Levels. This option will ignore formulas that have been set up for individual items in Maintain Inventory Items.
  • Calculation selected below lets you specify a formula that will be used to recalculate prices for all the items you’ve selected, regardless of what formulas may be set in Maintain Inventory Items or Maintain Default Information..

For a detailed discussion of pricing formulas as used in the first two options, see my Pricing Formulas blog post.

The last choice, “Calculation selected below”, is what you would choose if you want to raise (or lower) all prices by a given percent or dollar amount. You can also use it to recalculate all prices as a given percent or dollar amount above cost.

If you chose “Calculation selected below” pick whether you want to base your new prices on the current price or last cost (or choose No Calculation if you want to manually enter new prices). Then choose between Increase by Percent, Increase by Amount, Decrease by Percent, or Decrease by Amount. Next set enter the percent or amount. A 5% change would be entered as 5.0, not 0.05. Finally, enter a rounding option if you want prices rounded in a specific way, such as to always end in .99.

Click the Recalc button at the top of the window and all of the prices will be recalculated on this screen, If you don’t like the results you can enter new criteria and calculate again, you can manually edit individual prices, or you can close the window without saving your changes. The Print button gives you a report showing the before and after prices, but you must print it before saving the changes. When you’re satisfied with the new prices click the Save button and all of the selected items will be updated.