To have Peachtree print a deposit ticket for you, start by entering each check or other payment in Peachtree’s Receipts window just like you always have, but make sure the Deposit Ticket ID field is left blank. If Peachtree automatically fills in today’s date in the Deposit Ticket ID, go to the Maintain menu and choose Default Information – Customers. Then go to the Pay Methods tab and change the “Assign Deposit Ticket ID” setting to “In Select For Deposit”. Also make sure that you use the Payment Method to designate payments as cash or check so that Peachtree can properly total them on the deposit ticket.

After you have entered all of your receipts, and are ready to make your deposit, go to Tasks – Select For Deposit. Choose the cash account number and enter the deposit date. Peachtree will enter the next deposit number in the Deposit Ticket ID field, but you can over ride it if you want. Just remember to never reuse an ID. Then just check the Deposit box next to each line that is part of this deposit. If everything listed should be on this deposit, you can click the All button at the top of the window. After confirming the deposit amount at the bottom of the window, put your blank deposit ticket in the printer and click the print button. After printing, Peachtree will add the Deposit Ticket ID used here to the Deposit Ticket ID field in the Receipts window for each transaction on the deposit.

Since your current book of deposit tickets won’t fit very will in your printer, you’ll have to buy new forms. You can get them from Peachtree or from most printers that sell Peachtree compatible checks. They cost about the same as traditional deposit books, but they look very different. They are on a full letter size page. The top portion is perforated, and is the actual deposit ticket. Your account and routing information will be preprinted just like it is on your current deposit tickets. The lower 2/3 of the page is where Peachtree prints a list of all the checks that make up the deposit. This can take the place of the calculator tape that some banks require with deposits. If your bank no longer requires a detailed list (many do not) then keep the lower portion for your records.