If you are trying to reconcile your bank account and find that the deposit amounts that Sage 50 is showing don’t match up with the deposit amounts showing on your bank statement, the Bank Deposit Report is your best tool for identifying the problem.

To view the report, go to the Reports And Forms menu and choose Account Reconciliation. Double click Bank Deposit Report in the list on the right. It normally opens to the last account you reconciled. If you need to, you can change that, or the date range, by clicking the Options button at the top of the report. The report will show you exactly which receipts are included in each deposit. Compare this report to your deposit records to determine which receipts need to be corrected.

Now that you know which receipts are the problem, correcting them is easy. Double click on the receipt you want to change. (Older versions don’t allow you to drill down from this report, in that case go to the Tasks menu and choose Receipts). The first field is Deposit Ticket ID. This is what you need to correct. Any receipts that use the same deposit ticket ID are grouped into one deposit on the bank reconciliation. So all you need to do is correct the Deposit Ticket ID for any receipt that was grouped in the wrong deposit. It is very important to never repeat a Deposit Ticket ID because that grouping even applies if the transactions are in different months or years.