The shortcuts that are on the left side of Sage 50’s main window were introduced with version 2007. But because we are all creatures of habit, they are still overlooked by many users.  These shortcuts provide one click access whatever tasks/features you choose. By default the list of shortcuts includes:

  • Sales Invoice
  • Receive Money from Customer
  • Bills-Pay Bill
  • Customer List
  • Vendor List
  • Find Transaction
  • General Journal Entry

But you can place anything that appears in the menus on the shortcut list including transaction screens, maintenance screens, lists, reports, and forms.

To edit the list, click the gear icon next to the word “Shortcuts”. For version prior to 2018 click on Customize. The Customize Shortcuts window will open showing the current shortcuts with options to move, rename, or delete them. Click the Add A Shortcut button to access a menu that mirrors the menus that are across the top of the main Sage 50 window. Just click on the item that you want to add to the list. You can even add shortcuts to custom forms, such as an invoice or check format, which is particularly useful if you like to print in batches or if you regularly need to reprint transactions from a closed period.
The item you selected will be added to the end of the list. You can then select it, and use the Move Up or Move Down buttons to change where it appears in the list of shortcuts, or click the Rename button to change its description.

Of course the Delete button will remove the selected item from the list and the Add a Space button lets you insert spaces to provide logical groupings within your shortcuts. Reset Defaults will restore the original “out-of-the-box” list.

When you personalize the shortcuts list, the settings are unique to your user name. So each user can choose their own list of shortcuts.