The first update to Sage 50 2020 (2020.1) is scheduled for release on November 6th. The notice I received from Sage outlined 3 changes for this update.

  1. Payroll Updates for Compliance with the Revised W-4 Withholding Form
    Several new payroll fields were added on the Withholding Info tab of the Maintain Employees screen, and changes were made to the payroll tax calculator to keep payroll tax computation compliant in years 2020 and later.

    Current Withholding Info tab:

    Old Withholding Info Tab

    New Withholding Info tab in version 2020.1:

    New Withholding Info Tab

  2. 1099 Tax Form Integration with Aatrix
    In 2015, Sage added the option of doing 1099s using a “Mapping Wizard” that was supposed to allow you export your 1099 data to Excel, and then follow a 21 step process (that didn’t really work) to import the data in Aatrix so that 1099 forms could be printed on blank forms and/or filed electronically.

    Sage 50 US 2020.1 will directly integrate 1099 data with the Aatrix Tax Forms engine, eliminating the need to manually manipulate and map data. This will make it much easier to eFile 1099s. That’s very good news for anyone in a state that requires all 1099 issuers to eFile (I’m looking at you Oklahoma).

Human Resources Forms with Aatrix
I haven’t seen any details about this addition but, according to the announcement from Sage, “…the Aatrix Human Resource Forms and Compliance Engine offers a comprehensive set of forms for employee and payroll management.”

You’ll be able to access the new forms by going to the Reports & Forms menu Forms > Human Resource Forms.