Most Peachtree users know that you can mark customers as inactive by checking the box in Maintain Users.  But if the nature of your business results in many one time or short term customers, or if you’ve simple avoided this tedious task for a long time, manually marking each one as inactive can be a time consuming task.  Well, for once your procrastination has paid off because Peachtree 2012 now allows you to select customers by last activity date so that you can inactivate the entire group at once.

There are two ways to access this feature.  (1) Open the Maintain menu and choose Make Records Inactive.  Or (2) click on the System tab on the left side of the main Peachtree window; in the Data Maintenance section click the Make Records Inactive button.  Either way, the window that opens is very easy to use.  At Type Of Records select Customers.  That should be pretty easy since it is the only choice.  (Can you guess what new feature will probably show up in the next release?)  Next enter a date, or choose one from the drop down calendar, for Last Activity Dated Before. Note that it does not say “on or before” so if you want all customers whose last activity was in 2009, you would enter 01/01/2010 for your date.  Click the Select button to display the list of customers that fall in your date range.  Then click the blue All or None to check or clear the whole list.  You can also check or clear individual customers using your mouse.  Once you have made your selections click the Make Inactive button at the bottom of the window.