I’ve recently learned about a new service that I think a lot of Sage 50 users will be interested in. In short, it’s a tool to improve the flow of, and access to information within your office. It does that by combining social network style communication tools with view-only access to the to customer, vendor, and transaction data (quotes, orders,invoices, etc) from your Sage 50 files.

Suntico reads your Sage 50 data and uploads it to their web application so that you can access it from a web browser anywhere you have an internet connection (even from a Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android device). That means sales people in the field can look up a quote while at a clients office or someone in receiving can view a purchase order without even having Sage 50 on their computer. (Of course you have control over who will have access to your information.) But that is just the beginning. You can attach notes or tasks to contacts or transactions which others can respond to. And you can choose to follow a conversation so you’ll be sure to stay informed of new developments.

Suntico can be a hard product to describe because it doesn’t fit neatly into the software categories that we are most familiar with. But think about how Facebook or other social networks have allowed people to stay informed about people and things they would have lost touch with before. Now think of your business, and your Sage 50 data in particular, as being the at the center of those conversations. That’s Suntico in a nutshell.

I especially like how Suntico gives you remote visibility of much of your Sage 50 data, while still keeping your actual Sage 50 data files fully under your control on your local computers. Many people want the anytime / anywhere access of web based (cloud) accounting but for many reasons are unwilling to make that switch. I think the hybrid approach that Suntico is offering will be an appealing way for Sage 50 users to have one foot in both worlds.

This video will give you a good idea of what Suntico is and how it works.

You can sign up for access to a free demo account here if you want to take it for a test drive. Or I can arrange a demo for you, I’d would love to hear everyone’s feedback on this.