When version 2015 of Sage 50 released with, effectively, no new features, I was quite open with my opinion about it. Now I’m happy to say that on March 31st, version 2015.3 will bring several new features.The plan when 2015 was released was that there would be several updates throughout the year that would add new features. In July, v2015.1 added a feature to re-issue a payroll check with a single click. In October, v2015.2 brought only bug fixes. But now 2015.3 has 10 new features.

These aren’t ground breaking new features, but they are the kind of things that will improve efficiency and generally make Sage 50 easier to use. I’ll give the disclaimer that I’ve only seen screen shots of these features. I haven’t had the chance to test them myself. So here they are. I think most people will find something that they will appreciate.

  • Customized email text – You will now be able to customize the text that is used when emailing invoices and quotes.
  • Receive Inventory directly from the purchase order – The PO window will now have a Receive button so that, when looking at a PO, you can easily receive the inventory or enter an AP invoice.
  • One click invoices from Maintain Customers – A Tasks button in the Maintain Customers window lets you start a quote, sales order, invoice, or receipt for that customer.
  • One click purchases from Maintain Vendors – A Tasks button in the Maintain Vendors window lets you create a payment, purchase invoice/receive inventory, or purchase order for that vendor.
  • Copy customers, vendors, and inventory items – the”Maintain” windows for each will have a Copy button.
  • Convert order to invoice from sales order window – The sales order window will have an “Invoice” button to convert the currently displayed sales order to an invoice.
  • Custom date ranges for list views – You will be able to set a custom date range in the lists in addition to choosing from the preset date ranges. (This is probably my favorite new feature.)
  • Add attachments to more transactions – the attachments feature has been expanded so you will now be able to add attachments to purchase orders, quotes, and sales orders.
  • Totals shown in lists – the List windows will finally show totals on the amount columns.
  • Easier upgrades – upgrades will be downloaded automatically and, during installation, the serial number will be filled in for you. No more missed upgrades because you lost, or just didn’t receive the email notification

It’s good to see that, not only is Sage adding new features again, but all of them were taken directly from the list of most requested features. If you would like to submit a suggestion for a new feature or a change to an existing feature, go to the Help menu in Sage 50, choose Customer Support and Serivce, then Product Feedback. You will be directed to a web site (you will have to create a login) where you can submit your idea and vote on ideas that others have contributed.