Several states, including California and Massachusetts, have passed laws mandating paid sick leave. Under many of these plans, the sick time benefit is based on actual hours worked. Even though Sage 50 doesn’t offer that method out of the box, I can customize the sick time formulas for you so they will calculate based on hours worked.

Mention that you saw this post and I will set up custom formulas for you for a flat rate of $45, instead of my normal per minute billing for support. So unless you enjoy manually tracking sick time on a spreadsheet, give me a call and let Sage 50 do the work for you.

You can contact me at or 918-851-9713.

6/26/2017 Update: Several other states have enacted mandatory sick leave laws in the time since I first posted this. This offer still stands for Sage 50 users in Arizona, Oregon, Washington State, and Washington DC the need to set up hourly sick leave accruals.

Even if you modify Sage’s standard sick leave formulas to accrue sick leave based on hours worked, the accelerated rate that many of these laws require means that an employee could reach the annual limit, take all of their sick time, and then accrue more sick leave. But I can modify the limit checking part of the formula to eliminate this problem too.