If you’ve ever wanted to make notes on an Excel worksheet like you would on a printed report, you’re in luck. That’s exactly what the Insert Comment feature does. Simply right click on the cell you want to attach the comment to, and choose Insert Comment. A box that looks similar to a yellow sticky note will appear for you to type your comment into. You can drag the edges of the comment area to resize it. When you’re done typing, click outside the note to save it.

The comment will disappear but there will be small red triangle in the corner of the cell, indicating a comment exists. Move your mouse over it and the note will re-appear. To edit or delete it, right click on the cell and choose Edit Comment or Delete Comment. To make the comment visible all the time, right click on the cell and choose Show/Hide Comments. To relocate your note, move your cursor near the edge of the comment box until the mouse pointer changes to a 4 headed arrow. Then drag the comment wherever you like. An arrow will follow the comment, pointing to the cell it’s related to.

To stop showing the comment, right click on the cell (not the comment) and choose Hide Comment.

You have the option of printing your comments when you print the worksheet. Go to the Page Layout tab and click on Sheet Options. That will take you to the Sheets tab of the Page Setup window. In the Print section you’ll find the options for Comments. The default is None, meaning the comments won’t print. Selecting At End Of Sheet will print the list of comments after the worksheet. Setting it to As Displayed On Sheet will print the shown comments as they appear on screen and ignore hidden comments.