Last month we talked about using the subtotal command.  In addition to inserting subtotals, it automatically groups the rows to make a sort of collapsible outline. But if you already have a spreadsheet that is sorted and subtotaled the way you want, you may want to  add your own groupings so that you can hide or show detail with a single click.

Grouping is very easy to do.  If you have a spreadsheet with amounts on lines 4, 5, and 6 that are subtotaled on line seven.  Select rows 4, 5, and 6, then go to the Data menu, and choose Group & Outline, then Group.  In the left margin you will see the lines and box indicating your group.  You can click the box to expand or roll up your group.  You can add as many groups as you want to your spreadsheet.  You can even have groups within groups.  This is a great way to make a large, spreadsheet easy to navigate.

Be sure to take some time to explore the other choices in the Group and Outline menu, especially Auto Outline.  And remember that grouping can be done on columns too, not just rows.