Sage Payment Solutions provides merchant services and is integrated with many Sage Accounting Programs.  As a Peachtree user, it will allow you to process credit card payments over a secure internet connection directly from the Receipts window or from the Amount Paid At Sale section of the Invoices window.  From either window, when you click the Process button you will connect to Sage Exchange, where you can process the credit card transaction.  Once it is completed, the authorization code will automatically be entered in the Credit Card Information window for that receipt.

You can use this service with or without a credit card reader.  As with all providers, rates are lower for card present transactions.  If you need to keep credit cards on file for your customers, it can store them securely, meeting all PCI requirements.

One odd feature omission is that you can’t process a credit card refund directly from Peachtree.  You have to log in to Sage Payment Solutions directly and process the refund, and then manually record the authorization code and other information in the Receipts window just like you would with any other provider.  But hopefully you are processing far more customer payments than you are customer refunds.  So I wouldn’t expect this to be a big problem for most users.