If you copy text onto a spreadsheet it may not be capitalized the way you want. Or if several different people work on the same spreadsheet you may get some people typing in all caps while others use normal capitalization. Or maybe you just changed your mind.  Excel doesn’t have a Change Case button like Word does, but you don’t have to copy your text to Word to change case and copy it back. Excel has three functions you can use:

UPPER displays text in all upper case
LOWER displays text in all lower case
PROPER displays text with the first letter of each word capitalized

All three functions work the same way so I’ll demonstrate with UPPER. For example, if you have text in cell A1 that you want to convert to upper case, go to any other cell and enter the formula =UPPER(A1).The text from cell A1 will now display there in all upper case letters.

The one obvious problem is that now you have the same text in two places. You can’t just delete cell A1 or there won’t be any text for the formula to convert to upper case. So here is how you can get just the text you want. If column A has the text that needs to be converted, insert a new column in column B. In cell B1 enter the formula =UPPER(A1) and copy it down to convert all of the text in column A. While you still have the cells in column B selected right-click on the selected cells and choose Copy. Right-click on the highlighted cells again and choose Paste Special, then Values. Now the formulas have been replaced with text so you can delete column A.

For more details about using Paste Special see https://www.iqaccountingsolutions.com/blog/replacing-an-excel-formula-with-a-number/