Accounting is only part of what happens in any business’s office.  So why stop with automating your accounting?  How much of your work is managed on a spreadsheet, or even with pencil and paper?  Electronic Service Control (ESC) by dESCO (no that’s not a typo) gives service companies such as HVAC, plumbing, and others a comprehensive solution for managing the work in your office.  And it integrates with Peachtree so you don’t have to enter information in two places.

ESC offers a core program that provides the main features as well as several optional modules that can expand its capabilities.  The core software allows you to look up a customer and see their service history, installed equipment, warranty information, service agreements, and quotes.  It also allows you to dispatch from a daily, weekly, or monthly view of the dispatch board.  Rescheduling is a easy as dragging and dropping an appointment to a new time or technician.  You can even schedule crews instead of individuals.  And the dispatcher can include a list of required parts when needed.

Service agreements are also part of the core program.  Agreements can be annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or even daily.  Usage based service agreements allow you to sell service contracts based on hours, miles, meter reading, or any other unit.  ESC simplifies renewals by allowing you to send out renewal notices without recording an invoice in Peachtree until the customer signs off on the renewal.

If you use flat rate pricing, you can import many of the most popular price books or set up your own.

Optional modules will let you integrate mapping, routing, caller ID, vehicle GPS, mobile computing and more.  A 30 day free trial of the core program is available.