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Choosing Between Sage 50cloud and Sage 50

What You Need To Know

IMPORTANT NEWS - Beginning January 1, 2023 all sales will be subscription licenses (Sage 50cloud). Traditional perpetual licenses will no longer be an option after December 31, 2022.

Sage 50cloud Is Not An Online Application

The most important thing to know when choosing is that Sage 50cloud (also known as Sage 50c) is primarily a desktop application NOT a cloud-based program. It is the same desktop program as the traditional Sage 50. The “cloud” is in the name because it has several cloud-based add-on features that are not available in traditional Sage 50.

Subscription license vs Perpetual License

The second thing you need to know is that they are licensed differently. Sage 50cloud is subscription based – if you don’t renew your subscription you will be able to view your existing data, but you won’t be able to enter anything new. On the other hand, Sage 50 is still a traditional perpetual license; once you buy the software you can use it (except for payroll and credit card processing) for as long as you want. Payroll users and those integrating with one of the supported credit card processors, must stay on the current version in order for those services to continue working.


For the Pro and Premier editions, initial pricing is similar for both Sage 50 and Sage 50cloud, and the cost of annual renewals is about the same as the initial purchase.

For the Quantum Edition, the initial purchase of a Sage 50 perpetual license is significantly more expensive than a Sage 50cloud subscription (the price difference varies widely from about 15% to more than double, depending on the number of users). Annual renewals for Sage 50 are slightly higher than the a Sage 50cloud initial annual subscription.


Obviously, everyone would prefer a perpetual license to a subscription if all other factors were the same. So let’s look at what Sage 50cloud offers that Sage 50 does not.

The following Sage 50cloud features require you to use MS-Office 365 Business Premium.

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