Copy or Move Tabs in an Excel Workbook

See how to easily copy or move tab within or between workbooks.

Modify Sage 50Transaction Screen With the Layout Button

Are you tired of having to skip over fields that you never use when entering invoice or other transactions? The Layout button can streamline data entry by letting you hide fields in the Quotes, Sales Orders, Sales/Invoicing, Purchase Order, and Purchases/Receive Inventory (aka Enter Bills) screens. In any of the windows I just listed, you’ll […]

Automatically Look Up Data in Excel using VLOOKUP

Tired of looking up information on one spreadsheet just to manually enter it on another? You need to learn about VLOOKUP.

Sage 50 2018.2 New Features

Sage recently released the 2018.2 update for Sage 50 US Edition. They continue to emphasize adding cloud based features for Sage 50c (AKA Sage50cloud) subscribers. But there are a couple of significant updates that will affect those on traditional plans too. Windows 10 Stability Improvements – The Windows 10 update referred to as the Fall […]

Excel Flash Fill – The Data Entry Shortcut You’ve Been Looking For

Excel’s Flash Fill is an amazing tool that combines elements of text-to-columns, concatenate, and find & replace. Not only is it powerful but it’s unbelievably simple to use.

Forcing Page Breaks in Excel

Sometimes page breaks fall at inconvenient places in your spreadsheet. But you can do more than just adjust your margins. Excel allows you to insert and even move page breaks. I’ll show you two methods for controlling page breaks in your Excel workbooks. First we’ll cover the old-school method. It’s simple but effective. Just put […]

Customizing Default Email Text in Sage 50

Do you email invoices, quotes, purchase orders, or other forms out of Sage 50? Have you ever wished you could change the standard text that Sage 50 puts in those emails? We’ll you can, and it’s really easy to do. Open the Maintain menu and choose Email Setup. In the Email Setup window select a […]

Introducing Sage 50cloud

As part of Sage’s new Sage Business Cloud initiative, Sage has announced Sage50cloud. Here are some common questions and answers about this exciting new development: Q: Is Sage 50 now being offered as a cloud product? A: No. Q: Is Sage 50cloud just the new name for Sage 50c? A: Yes. Q: If it’s still […]

E-filing 1099s from Sage 50

It recently came to my attention that the state of Oklahoma is now requiring anyone who sends out more than five 1099s to e-file a copy with the state. Since I’m in Oklahoma I felt like I needed to address this. The IRS also requires anyone filing more than 250 1099s to e-file. So this […]

How to Split One Column into Multiple Columns In Excel

Many times on a project you have the right data, but in the wrong format. In this tip I’ll show you how you can break apart a single column of data into two or more columns in Excel using the Text To Columns feature.