Job Status Indicators are a new feature in Peachtree Pro and higher. In Maintain – Job Costs – Jobs you will see a new field for Job Status. If you click on the down arrow to open the list you will see choices for

  • In Progress
  • Pending
  • Completed
  • On Hold

Each one has a different colored dot next to it for quick identification. If you need other choices just click on the blue text “Customize job statuses” and you will be able to add or remove status indicators as well as change their order. The status automatically shows on many of the job reports (just the text, not the colored indicator) and can be added to many of the others. Just remember, Peachtree doesn’t know what is happening in the field, so you have to manually change the status in Maintain – Job Costs – Jobs.

If you have Peachtree Quantum, the job status can be displayed along with the colored indicator in the Job Navigation Center, Job Navigation Center, and My Dashboard areas. This makes it easy to quickly see the status of each job without having to run a report.

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