Purchase orders make it easy to keep track of what inventory you have coming in and help you make sure that what you received is what you ordered. Peachtree can automate much of the work of creating PO’s for you, whether you are replenishing inventory or creating a PO to fill a specific sales order.


Auto-Creating PO’s to replenish your inventory requires almost no extra setup other than having the item set up in Maintain – Inventory Items. You may also benefit from entering a minimum stock level, reorder quantity, and preferred vendor ID for each item. But you can get started without them if you want. The only other setting you need to check is in Maintain – Default Information – Inventory Items. On the Ordering tab there is a check box that you can click on if you want to include quantities that are on outstanding PO’s when calculating quantity available. If you leave this unchecked, Quantity Available will be equal to Quantity On Hand minus quantity on sales orders. If you check it, Quantity Available equals Quantity On Hand minus quantity on sales orders plus quantity on purchase orders.

To have Peachtree generate purchase orders for you, just go to Tasks – Select for Purchase Orders. You will then be presented with a list of options for selecting which items (including non-stock or service items) you want Peachtree to evaluate, and how you want to calculate the quantity to order. After you have made your choices, click OK and Peachtree will give you a list of items to order. You can change quantities, costs, and vendors, or unselect an item. You can also click on any column heading to resort the list by that column. For stock items Peachtree uses the cost from the last time you purchased that item; you can change it if you need to. If an inventory item doesn’t have a preferred vendor assigned to it, it will show up in the selection without a vendor. You will have to choose one before printing or emailing your PO’s. When you are satisfied, you can print a report, and preview, print, or email your purchase orders right from that screen.


Auto-Create PO’s to fill specific sales orders. If you prefer to have Peachtree automatically create Purchase Orders as you enter sales orders, you’ll have to do two simple things first. (1) Make sure the items being ordered have been set up in Maintain – Inventory Items and that a default vendor has been entered for each one. (2) Turn Automatic PO Creation on by going to Maintain – Default Information – Inventory Items. On the Ordering tab you’ll see a section for Auto Creation of Purchase Orders. Check the boxes to choose when you want Peachtree to create purchase orders. If you check the box for drop ship orders, Peachtree will always create a PO with the same quantity as your drop ship sales order, even if you have enough in inventory. The sales order number will also be entered in the Customer SO No. field of the PO and the ship to address will transfer automatically. If you check the box for non-drop ship orders, Peachtree will create a PO when you enter a non-drop ship sales order that you don’t have enough inventory to fill, or that puts you below your minimum stock level.

To see the purchase orders that have been created, go to the Tasks menu and choose Purchase Orders, then click on List. You can edit each PO before printing or emailing it if you want to. Or if you prefer to print them in a batch, go to Reports & Forms – Forms – Purchase Orders. (In older version, Reports, Accounts Payable – Purchase Orders). Then print them just like you would PO’s that had been entered by hand.

Automatic PO Generation is available in versions 2005 and later of Peachtree Complete, Premium, and Quantum.

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