Most transaction screens in Peachtree allow you to hide fields that you don’t use.  That can make data entry faster and easier.  This feature changed in version 2008, so I will explain both ways.

Through version 2007, the button was labeled Template.  In Sales/Invoicing (or other transaction entry screen) click the Template button near the top right of the window.  You will see a list of existing templates and a choice to Customize Templates.  Choose Customize Templates.  Click the New button to start a new template; then give it an ID and Description.  To hide a field, click in the field and it will change from <Show> to <Hide>.  If you click again it will switch back.  One exception is the GL Account.  Before the template feature was introduced, you could show or hide it by going to the Options menu and choosing Global.  So control of it has stayed there.  At the top are two additional options.  If you want to automatically use this template, check the Set Template As Default box.  If you want to always print using a certain invoice (or whatever you are entering), check the Always print using a specific form box and choose the form from the drop down list.  And of course, save your changes when you are done.

In version 2008 and later, the button is still in the upper right of the transaction entry windows, but it has been renamed Layout.  Click it and choose Customize Invoice.  Click the New button to start a new layout; give it a name (formerly ID) and description.  The layout feature has been expanded to control both the data entry screen and the printed form.  So next to each field, just check the box if you want it to show on the entry screen and/or the printed form.  Any boxes that are checked and grayed out are required fields.  At the right, you can select a form that you want to use when printing.  The blue underlined options are hyperlinks that will open the form designer so you can make more extensive changes to the way the form will print.  When you save your changes and close the Layout window, Peachtree will automatically start using your new layout.

With either version, if you find you need a field that is hidden, just click the Template/Layout button and choose one of the standard formats to see all of the fields again.  When you are done, you can switch back to your custom version the same way.