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Send Multiple Invoices from Sage 50 on One Email

Emailing invoices out of Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree) is a huge time saver. But Sage 50 only lets you email one invoice at a time and sometimes you need to send multiple invoices to a customer. You could send each one in a separate email. Or you can send each invoice to an email but […]

Reissue Payroll Checks in Sage 50

Last July I explained how to void and replace a payroll check in Sage 50/Peachtree. One year later Sage has added a new feature in version 2015.1 that allows you to accomplish almost the entire process with one click. If you need to replace a payroll check, open the original check in Payroll Entry. Click […]

Tracking the Status of Orders, Invoices & Other Transactions in Sage 50 Quantum

If you have ever wished you had a better way to keep track of the status of transactions in Sage 50, and to automatically notify people when the status changes, The “Track It” feature in Sage 50 Quantum could be just what you have been looking for. Since many of you who are now on […]

Sage 50 2015 (Peachtree) New Features and Changes

April 2, 2014 is the official release date for Sage 50 2015 (formerly Peachtree). So based my briefing with Sage as well as a few days of hands-on time with the new version, here is my my roundup of what’s new and changed in Sage 50 2015. PRODUCT LINEUP CHANGES The Complete edition is being […]

Make the Most of Lists in Sage 50/Peachtree

The list windows in Sage 50/Peachtree can do a lot more for you than what most people realize. Of course we all know them as a way to choose a transaction we want to look at in one of the task windows. But do you realize how many ways they can help you locate a […]

Creating Pop-Up Messages for Customers in Sage 50

One of the new features in version 2014 of Sage 50 that I have really come to appreciate is the ability to set a pop-up reminder message for any customer. The message pops up on quotes, proposals, sales orders, invoices, or credit memos. Since you can set up a different message for each customer it’s […]

How to Fix an Email Address Error When Printing W-2s in Sage 50

I’ve gotten multiple calls in the last few days about an error regarding invalid email addresses when preparing to print W-2s. You have to fix the problems before you can print W-2s even if you don’t need the email addresses. The first part of the error message says “The following errors occurred with your employee […]

Creating A Comparative Income Statement in Sage 50 (Peachtree)

You can easily compare this year’s income and expenses to last year’s, and calculate the difference both in dollars and as a percentage using a report generated by Sage 50. You don’t even need to send it to Excel to calculate the change. One of the build in financial statements, <Standard> Income 2 yrs,  gives […]

Direct Deposit Options for Sage 50 Payroll

I often get questions about how to do direct deposit payroll in Sage 50. There are a few different options, each with different benefits and different costs. Since people often considering implementing new procedures at the beginning of a year, I thought this would be a good time to cover this subject. OPTION 1 – […]

Issuing a Customer Credit For Sales Tax in Sage 50

If you have ever charged a customer sales tax when you shouldn’t have, you probably learned that correcting the mistake can be tricky. First let me point out a couple of common mistakes people make and why they don’t work. Mistake #1 – Using the sales tax field alone to issue the credit. Whether you […]