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Hiding Inactive Records in Sage 50

Over the years, customers and vendors come and go. That means your customer list and vendor list get cluttered up with obsolete records. While you can’t delete those customer or vendors as long as you still have transactions linked to them, there is an easy way to hide them so they don’t show in the […]

Stock Items vs Non-stock Items in Sage 50

When setting up an item to be bought or sold in Sage 50 you have to choose an item class. Choosing the right class is very important so I want to shed some light on the most commonly misunderstood item type, the non-stock item. To understand when to use non-stock items, you need to understand […]

Open a Sage 50 Company Automatically From a Desktop Shortcut

Someone asked recently if they could create a shortcut on their desktop that would open a specific company in Sage 50. In fact it’s not hard to do at all. Since many of you maintain multiple companies I thought the answer would be worth sharing. If you don’t already have a Sage 50 shortcut on […]

What’s New in Sage 50 2016

Version 2016 of Sage 50 has been released. This will be the first version to automatically download in the same manner as a payroll tax update or interim releases (such as 2015.3). It will need to be installed on the server first, and it will require a data conversion process the first time you open […]

Copy Inventory Items, Customers, & Vendors in Sage 50

One of the new features in the 2015.3 update of Sage 50 is the Copy button in the Customer, Vendor, and Inventory Item maintenance windows. When you need to set up a new customer, vendor or inventory item that is similar to an existing item, bring up the record you want to copy and click […]

Bank Reconciliation Made Easy in Sage 50

First of all, if you aren’t using the bank account reconciliation feature in Sage 50 you should be, unless of course you don’t want to make your life easier. In that case feel free to keep doing them manually. For the rest of you, keep reading. Here’s an overview of the whole process. To start […]

Summarize Financial Statements in Sage 50 Using Account Rollup

If you have a very detailed chart of accounts, you may want to be able to produce summarized financial statements. There are a few options to accomplish this but the easiest method is to use the roll-up feature. In order to use the roll-up, your account numbers need to be formatted properly and the accounts […]

Sage 50 2015.3 Update Brings New Features

When version 2015 of Sage 50 released with, effectively, no new features, I was quite open with my opinion about it. Now I’m happy to say that on March 31st, version 2015.3 will bring several new features.The plan when 2015 was released was that there would be several updates throughout the year that would add […]

Master Stock Items in Sage 50

If you sell variations of the same item, such as a shirt that comes in different sizes and colors, master stock items will make your inventory easier to manage. Master stock items work in conjunction with substock items, with the master item functioning like a heading for the sub items. The master stock item is […]

Finding Related Transactions in Sage 50

Many times when you are looking at a transaction in Sage 50, you need a quick way to locate related transactions. Maybe you need to see the payment related to an invoice. Or you might want to know which sales order number a quote was converted into. In most cases the information you need is […]