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Sage 50 2018 New Features

Version 2018 of Sage 50 U.S. Edition (formerly Peachtree Accounting) released on July 12th. As usual, notification to users of the update will be staggered to spread out the load on Sage’s servers. There are several updates, some big and some small, including the first significant update to the user interface in about 10 years. […]

Sending Sage 50 Invoices to More Than One Email Address

Do you have customers that want you to email invoices to more than one email address but you assumed it can’t be done because there’s no opportunity to select a second contact? Well, there’s a simple work-around, other than manually adding another recipient in Outlook. In Maintain Customers/Prospects, the E-mail field on the General tab […]

Sage 50 – A workaround for Item IDs that are too long to see in transaction entry screens.

Many people ask if there’s a way to make the Item ID column wider in transaction entry screens, such as Sales Invoicing and  Purchases/Receive Inventory (AKA Enter Bills). Even though there isn’t, there is a work-around that can work for many people. The basic idea is to add the Item ID to the Item Description […]

Sage 50 2017.2 Update New Features

Sage recently started rolling out the second update (2017.2) to Sage 50 2017. Updates are released gradually to users so that Sage’s servers (and technical support) don’t get overwhelmed. Everyone on a current subscription or Business Care plan should receive the download notification soon. You can also go to the Services menu in Sage 50 […]

Item Sales History By Customer list

Whether you want to know which customers are buying an inventory item or if you want to know which items a customer is buying, the Item Sales History by Customer, hidden in Lists instead of Reports, will help you find the information you need quickly.

Sage 50 Audit Trail Report – Answering Who, What, & When

Have you ever wished you had a way to find out when a transaction was entered into Sage 50 or who entered it? How about a way to find out if something was changed or deleted? Well that’s exactly what the Audit Trail Report is for. To find the report, go to the Reports & […]

Excluding Credit/Debit Card Payments From 1099-MISC in Sage 50

As if the rules for 1099 reporting weren’t confusing enough, a few years ago the rules changed so that in addition to who you paid, how much you paid, and what it was for affecting whether or not you need to issue a 1099-MISC, now it also matters how the money was paid. Because the […]

Using Webmail with Sage 50

Until last month when Sage released the 2017.1 update to Sage 50, sending invoices or other forms and reports by email required you to have a MAPI compliant email program such as Outlook or Thunderbird installed on your computer. If you wanted to send email using a web based email client, such as Gmail or […]

Sage 50c vs Sage 50 – The Straight Answers

I’ve heard from many Sage 50 users confused by the calls they get from Sage sales reps trying to get them to switch to Sage 50c. The first thing you need to know is that you do NOT have to switch if you don’t want to. Here’s my summary of the differences so you can […]

How to fix “Sage 50 accounting has stopped working” after installing 2017.1 update

Some people have experienced a problem running Sage 50 after installing the 2017.1 update. In the cases I’ve run across, Sage 50 opened without a problem after the installation finished. But the next time they try to launch Sage 50 they get the error “Sage 50 Accounting has stopped working.” All I’ve been able to […]