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Excel Flash Fill – The Data Entry Shortcut You’ve Been Looking For

Excel’s Flash Fill is an amazing tool that combines elements of text-to-columns, concatenate, and find & replace. Not only is it powerful but it’s unbelievably simple to use.

Forcing Page Breaks in Excel

Sometimes page breaks fall at inconvenient places in your spreadsheet. But you can do more than just adjust your margins. Excel allows you to insert and even move page breaks. I’ll show you two methods for controlling page breaks in your Excel workbooks. First we’ll cover the old-school method. It’s simple but effective. Just put […]

How to Split One Column into Multiple Columns In Excel

Many times on a project you have the right data, but in the wrong format. In this tip I’ll show you how you can break apart a single column of data into two or more columns in Excel using the Text To Columns feature.

Taking Advantage of Tables in Excel

In the general sense, a table is just data that you have arranged into columns and rows. But in Excel, when you use the Format As Table button to define an area on your spreadsheet as an Excel table, there are several things you’ll be able to take advantage of that make entering and working […]

Highlight Differences In Lists Using Excel’s Go To Command

While there are several ways to compare lists in Excel and highlight differences, an option in the Go To feature provides a really quick and simple method.

Using AND() or OR() in Excel to Allow Multiple Conditions When Using IF()

Excel’s IF() function, in case you aren’t familiar with it, allows you to do one thing if a chosen condition is met, but do something else if that condition is not met. For example, when evaluating test scores you might want to display “Pass” if the score is 80% or better, but display “Fail” if […]


Combining the contents of multiples cells in an Excel spreadsheet is easy thanks to the Concatenate function.

Reset an Excel Spreadsheet – Delete your data but not your formulas

Have you ever built a spreadsheet and then wanted to re-use it, say for the next year, but realized you forgot to save a blank copy? That means you have to delete all the data that was entered into the workbook while being careful not to delete any of your formulas. That can be a […]

Find & Replace in Excel

Excel’s Find and Replace feature lets you quickly update information anywhere in your spreadsheet with just a few clicks.


Giving a name to a range of cells can make it much easier to write formulas or jump to a specific location.