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Adding “Cleared Date” to the Check Register in Sage 50

One of the new features in Sage 50 2018 is the ability to add a column for “cleared date” to the check register and cash disbursement journal reports. Adding the column is simple, just click the Columns button when viewing either report, scroll down to the end of the list of available column and check […]

Using AND() or OR() in Excel to Allow Multiple Conditions When Using IF()

Excel’s IF() function, in case you aren’t familiar with it, allows you to do one thing if a chosen condition is met, but do something else if that condition is not met. For example, when evaluating test scores you might want to display “Pass” if the score is 80% or better, but display “Fail” if […]

Patch for Sage 50 2018 to Fix Slow Drop Down Lists

Shortly after Sage 50 2018 was released some users reported that drop down list, such as customers or items, were very slow to open. The problem is limited to very large lists. Sage has responded quickly with update 2018.0.1. Sage is recommending that only user who are experiencing the problem install the update, so I […]

Sage 50 2018 New Features

Version 2018 of Sage 50 U.S. Edition (formerly Peachtree Accounting) released on July 12th. As usual, notification to users of the update will be staggered to spread out the load on Sage’s servers. There are several updates, some big and some small, including the first significant update to the user interface in about 10 years. […]


Combining the contents of multiples cells in an Excel spreadsheet is easy thanks to the Concatenate function.

Sending Sage 50 Invoices to More Than One Email Address

Do you have customers that want you to email invoices to more than one email address but you assumed it can’t be done because there’s no opportunity to select a second contact? Well, there’s a simple work-around, other than manually adding another recipient in Outlook. In Maintain Customers/Prospects, the E-mail field on the General tab […]

Reset an Excel Spreadsheet – Delete your data but not your formulas

Have you ever built a spreadsheet and then wanted to re-use it, say for the next year, but realized you forgot to save a blank copy? That means you have to delete all the data that was entered into the workbook while being careful not to delete any of your formulas. That can be a […]

Sage 50 – A workaround for Item IDs that are too long to see in transaction entry screens.

Many people ask if there’s a way to make the Item ID column wider in transaction entry screens, such as Sales Invoicing and  Purchases/Receive Inventory (AKA Enter Bills). Even though there isn’t, there is a work-around that can work for many people. The basic idea is to add the Item ID to the Item Description […]

Find & Replace in Excel

Excel’s Find and Replace feature lets you quickly update information anywhere in your spreadsheet with just a few clicks.

Sage Summit 2017

Sage Summit 2017: Sage’s annual conference is in Atlanta this year on May 10th & 11th. I’ll be leading 3 roundtable discussions for Sage 50 users.These are designed to be discussion oriented question & answer sessions rather than lecture style sessions. If you’re coming to Summit I’d love to have a chance to meet my […]