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Sage 50 Won’t Open After July 2018 Windows 10 Update

A few months ago Microsoft released an update to Windows 10 that caused Sage 50 to crash. But you could work around it by setting Sage 50 to run in compatibility mode. Now Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 update that is causing Sage 50 to fail to open when it is set to […]

Keep Row and Column Headings Visible in Excel With Freeze Panes

Freeze Panes lets you keep row and columns headings visible as you scroll through a large spreadsheet.

What’s New in Sage 50 US 2019

I just received my copy of the new release of Sage 50 and have been looking it over. So whether you call it Sage 50 US Edition, Sage 50c, or Sage 50cloud, Here is my summary of what’s new in Sage 50 2019. Expanded Sales Order Drop-down Menu in Sales/Invoicing Window – When choosing a […]

Put Your Company Logo On Forms

Adding your company logo to your forms takes just a few minutes. It is an easy way to make your forms more professional looking and more noticeable.

Ranking List Entries in Excel

Learn how to rank list entries in Excel without resorting your data.

Customize the Sage 50 Shortcut List for Quick Access to Frequently Used Features

The shortcuts that are on the left side of Sage 50’s main window were introduced with version 2007. But because we are all creatures of habit, they are still overlooked by many users.  These shortcuts provide one click access whatever tasks/features you choose. By default the list of shortcuts includes: Sales Invoice Receive Money from […]

Copy or Move Tabs in an Excel Workbook

See how to easily copy or move tab within or between workbooks.

Modify Sage 50Transaction Screen With the Layout Button

Are you tired of having to skip over fields that you never use when entering invoice or other transactions? The Layout button can streamline data entry by letting you hide fields in the Quotes, Sales Orders, Sales/Invoicing, Purchase Order, and Purchases/Receive Inventory (aka Enter Bills) screens. In any of the windows I just listed, you’ll […]

Automatically Look Up Data in Excel using VLOOKUP

Tired of looking up information on one spreadsheet just to manually enter it on another? You need to learn about VLOOKUP.

Sage 50 2018.2 New Features

Sage recently released the 2018.2 update for Sage 50 US Edition. They continue to emphasize adding cloud based features for Sage 50c (AKA Sage50cloud) subscribers. But there are a couple of significant updates that will affect those on traditional plans too. Windows 10 Stability Improvements – The Windows 10 update referred to as the Fall […]